Hinges Break when force is applied

Feb 22, 2010 at 5:19 AM



First things first, GREAT PHYSICS ENGINE...


now that thats out of the way, I currently am working on a game that uses Ragdoll Physics pretty intensively.  I've been using Hinge Constraints to join the different rigidbodys that make up the model.  It works great until I apply a large force to one of the RigidBodies.  The hinges break for a second or two creating a massive distortion in the model. A little distortion I can live with, but when the character's arm is on one side of the level and the rest of the body on the other, its not a pretty sight.  Any idea how I can strengthen the bond of the hinges?  

I've read another poster about p2p contraints breaking at high speed and followed some of the tips there such as increasing the ContactIterationCount and such to no avail. Any help would be great!


Feb 24, 2010 at 5:55 PM

Define the relative axes for the rigidbodies is kind of the opposite of what you would think.  For example If I were to define a "door", I would define one axis as "Vector3.Up" and the other as "Vector3.Down" even though both RigidBodies were facing in the same direction.  I'm wondering if that might be the issue.  Let me know.  Good luck!