Oops! XNA 3D Physics Framework Beta

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Released: Feb 24, 2008
Updated: Feb 28, 2008 by FretboardOfFury
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Source Code Source Code (Chage Set 15616
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Release Notes

This beta release of the Oops! Framework contains the source code from Change Set 15616.

  • Added a QuaternionExtension.Decompose method.
  • Added a GameComponentCollection<T> class for collections of specific game components.
  • Added a KeyedGameComponentCollection<T> class for collections of specific game components keyed by a owned value.
  • Added PssmEffect and PssmDirectionalLight classes to help facilitate Parallel Split Shadow Maps.
  • Added SpriteFontExtension class to help with displaying text.
  • Started simple UI functionality.
  • Started Screen Space Service functionality.
  • Removed CollisionContext.OnCollided method overload with CollisionPlane parameter. Use the remaining OnCollieded method.
  • Added an overloaded CollisionDetector.Detect method that does not require a context.
  • Fixed the box-ray collision test. See BoxRayCollisionDetector.Collide method.
  • Fixed the shape-terrain broad-phase collision test. See TerrainShapeCollisionDetector.Collide method.
  • The CollisionRay class's automatically created RigidBody is not set to static anymore.
  • Added Position and Direction properties to the CollisionRay class.
  • Support for ray-box and ray-sphere collision tests should now be working.
  • Added a Tag property to the CollisionShape class.
  • Changed CollisionShape.Offset from a field to a property so recalculation of the associated RigidBody's mass properties occurred.
  • Removed CollisionShape.CanCompare method overload with CollisionPlane parameter. Use the remaining CanCompare method.
  • Fixed issue where the CollisionTerrain was not initializing correctly.
  • Removed unnessary code in the RigidBody.CalculateMassProperties method.
  • Defaults of the CatagoryFlags and CollisionFlags of the CollisionShape class changed to 0xFFFFFFFF.
Space Partitioning
  • Exposed the quad-tree's bound box. See QuadTree<T>.Bounds property.
  • Added CursorComponent for cursor support.
  • Implemented FPS component functionality.
  • Modified ViewpointComponent.Projection to get the projection from the active camera.
  • Added projection and viewport fields to the Camera class.
  • Added Camera.GetFrustrum method.
Testing Application
  • Added new Picking example to testing application. See Example5Screen.
  • Incorporated Parallel Split Shadow Map functionality into examples. Press <Space> or the GamePad's Y button to turn on/off. Press <PgUp>/<PgDn> or the Gamepads <Shoulder> buttons to change number of splits. NOT TESTED ON XBOX360!!!
  • Uses FrameRateComponent to display fps.
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