Oops! XNA 3D Physics Framework 0.6

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Released: Dec 6, 2009
Updated: Dec 7, 2009 by FretboardOfFury
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Source Code Change Set 43328
source code, 12071K, uploaded Dec 7, 2009 - 226 downloads

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Example Examples ccgame (Windows)
example, 10918K, uploaded Dec 7, 2009 - 116 downloads
Example Examples ccgame (XBox 360)
example, 10820K, uploaded Dec 7, 2009 - 25 downloads

Release Notes

This beta release of the Oops! Framework contains the source code from Change Set 43328 and ccgame files for windows and the XBox 360.

  • Added UpdateRegulator class.
  • Added PriorityQueue class.
  • Added CompositeGameComponent class.
  • Added KeyedCompositeGameComponent class.
  • Added ClosestPointTo extension method to BoundingBox structure.
  • Added GetServiceProvider extension method to Game class.
  • Added GetService extension method to IServiceProvider interface.
  • Added MathExtension.IsAlmostEqual method.
  • Added Othonormalize extension method to Matrix structure.
  • Added NextDouble and NextSingleClamped extension methods to Random class.
  • Added Clamp extension method to TimeSpan structure.
  • Added many extension methods to Vector2 structure. See Vector2Extension class.
  • Added ToVector2 and GetAngleBetween extension methods to Vector3 structure.
  • Added IAsyncUpdateCallback interface for AsyncGameComponent notifications.
  • Changed default key for screenshots from F12 to PrintScreen in ScreenshotComponent.
  • Synchronized ObjectPool class.
  • Added AnimationEvent class and IAnimationPlayerCallback interface for notifications during AnimationClip playbacks.
  • Added Events property to the AnimationClip class for notifications during playbacks.
  • Changed AnimationPlayer, KeyframedAnimationPlayer and GpuAnimationPlayer for more consistent functionality and new functionality.
  • Changed Keyframe.Transform from property to field for performance sake.
  • Fixed Extract extension method of Model class.
  • Added developing CollisionTriangle and CollisionWall collision shapes. (NOT FINISHED).
  • Added serialization capabilities to most physics classes.
  • Added relaxation to resolution of collisions for better box stacking and correct jitter. Harcoded to 12 steps but will become configurable in next release.
  • Removed hard-coded CollisionDetector functionality and used Dictionary determination.
  • Renamed CollisionTriangle to CollisionMeshTrangle to no interfere with new CollisionTriangle.
  • Removed CollisionRay.Direction/Length code and kept CollisionRay.Vector representation.
  • Added new GetEndPoint overloaded method to CollisionRay so result passed as out parameter.
  • Added ApplyLocalForce method to RigidBody class.
  • Re-added Quaternion math compiler directive.
  • Box-to-(oriented)Mesh collision support is still not implemented.
  • Added ExclusionFlag support to CollisionGroups. Used to prevent collision with same ExclusionFlag value.
  • Added new CollisionSystem.IntersectsWith overload for CategoryFlag specifications.
  • Fixed PointToPointConstraint craziness when large separations occur.
  • Added simple velocity and rotation matching Constraints.
  • Added GetMouseButtonsUp/Down/Pressed/Released methods to IInputService and InputComponent.

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